Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Regal Ready With A Digital Revamp And A Little Help From Friends

Okay I was late to the party when it came to discovering how much fun it was to go to the flicks at The Regal at Birmingham Gardens. I went for the first time and liked it so much took a friend visiting from the US back the next day for another session.

The orange cordial dregs in the machine were a bit of a worry but what a fun place to go and step into the olden days with the old chair and sad old interior. Take a blanket and have a picnic seemed like an idea.  Then a short time later it was 'curtains' for the Old Dear.

The story was told on ABC 1233 this morning and what a fairy tale it was. Maybe this is a story with a happy ending that will be a movie itself one day.

From the ABC website:

"Despite the best efforts of a loyal band of supporters, the Regal has been unable to find a way to re-open.
But thanks to an Academy Award winning Australian movie director the fate of the cinema has changed.
George Miller who created and successfully delivered Happy Feet 2, the sequel to Happy Feet, came to the rescue.
The director of the musical adventure featuring a penguin colony needed a state of the art digital cinema for his film - but once the movie was delivered it was set to be sold."
The upshot of course is that the Regal is set to reopen next month. Not just reopening, but this time with the latest digital equipment. 
Now that's a happy ending!

The Cinema Regal from Brett Piva on Vimeo.

The Cinema Regal from Brett Piva on Vimeo.


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