Saturday, September 05, 2015

Rankin Park Hospital A War Idea

A strange factoid on Treasure Hunter on the ABC radio fascinated me, so I went did some digging on Trove. 
The hospital at Rankin Park being built in response to the threat from invaders during WW2 - with the Royal Newcastle hospital being on the shoreline and in firing range.
For some years this hospital served as a respiratory disease ward, with patients suffering from tuberculosis and other ailments. Now of course it is a rehabilitation centre associated with the John Hunter. 

Trove - Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate  Thursday 12 June 1947
Thursday 17 April 1947
And what do you know? Transport for visitors to the hospital was a contentious issue even in 1948!
Thursday 27 May 1948

Rankin Park Hospital 1950