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Facebook and business... Social media is a new frontier for business and customers too. Honestly, watching some people promote their business online is like watching someone play pin the tail on the Manx cat - blindfolded!

Websites. Blogs. Social Media.

All of this can be overwhelming! But the times have changed and it is no longer enough to leave your business 'out in the cold' when it comes to the internet. Bring your business into today and improve the way your customers can purchase your   services and products. ... We'll help you! 
Small Business. Get Real About It 

The internet is not just a screen on a computer. It is a very real marketplace for business. Your business can be using the tools available to allow your access to this important marketplace.
Learn how to embrace the new world of online business.
Bricks & Mortar and online (Clicks) businesses! 

Like Help?

Sometimes the fastest way to an outcome is to get help. If you're not into Do-it-yourself, and you would like to discuss your business and how to incorporate the new media and online world into your business contact me now to discuss a program to suit your needs and your budget.

Social Media and Marketing For Business  - Training - Development - Implementation

Facebook | Linkedin | Twitter | Blogging | Website Review

Social Media and Marketing For Business Training Modules

The practical way to get your business visible online!  Straight forward, easy to understand and no bull!

Pack 1   Basic Review, Revise, Report - Find out where you are online, includes review of website, briefing on your business and what you can do to improve and steps to take. 

Pack 2  Starter Program – All of the above, plus, training and step by step instructions on what to do to implement and understand what to do, how to do it, what to use and what not to do. Over 8 sessions to get you on your way.

Pack 3 Monitoring, Full Access And Support – Add this module at the end of the Starter Pack and get ongoing help as and when you need it with a monthly session to review your progress and tweak anything that needs to be adjusted.

Individual Sessions 

1.     Your Professional Network: Linkedin
2.     Getting Started On Twitter For Business
3.     Facebook For Business
4.     Blogging For Business
5.     Finding The Freebies – Resources you can use

Get started. Learn how to get set up, background, how-to, what never to do and what to do as often as you can! Learn the way that suits you best. Fast track to get started on social media and lets you avoid the pitfalls that come from doing the wrong thing online.

Sessions are held at your premises or via phone and internet if you are in another location or prefer.

Group sessions can also be arranged. Training is suitable for small business, executives, larger businesses, financial service providers or Not For Profits.

Don't want to bother doing it yourself? Account management for social marketing is also available on request.

Call Lindy Asimus on 0403 365855 to learn more.

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Social Media and Marketing Video Resources For You

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Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)

Social Media In Plain Language

Twitter In Plain Language

Blogging In Plain English

Google Maps For Business

There are many tools available that you can use for your business. Many of them are free. The effort that you
put into your strategy is not. Start right, and make the most of these wonderful tools and you can expand the reach of your business.

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