Friday, November 23, 2012

Marcus Westbury at TEDxMoretonBay

Makers + Places: Marcus Westbury at TEDxMoretonBay

Some great old pictures of Newcastle NSW here too.

Marcus Westbury is the founder of Renew Newcastle and Renew Australia. His background is a broadcaster, writer, media maker and festival director who is responsible for some of Australia's more innovative, unconventional and successful cultural projects and events. He has worked across a range of media as a writer, producer, director and presenter, covering fields as diverse as culture, art, urban planning, media, sport and politics. In 2008, with his own funds and energy, Marcus founded Renew Newcastle, a low budget, not for profit, DIY urban renewal scheme that has brokered access to more than 30 empty buildings for more than 70 creative enterprises, artists and cultural projects in his hometown of Newcastle, NSW. In this presentation Marcus reveals a surprising discovery about his innovative work.

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