Monday, October 15, 2012

Newkulele - The Newcastle Ukulele Festival 2012 (Rocky Parody)

Well done!

Here's a great use of video for promotion.

Looks like a lot of fun too so check it out.

Newcastle's First Ukulele Festival

The pillars of the Newkulele Revolution...
The Ukulele + the nation's community uke groups + some of the world's best performers + our quest for excellence in ukulele learning + our beautiful beachside city = Newkulele!!!
Discover why Newcastle has the highest number of ukulele players per head population of any Australian city!
Discover why our city was voted Australia's most liveable city or why Lonely Planet nominated it as one of the most visitable cities in Australia!
Help Newcastle become Ukastle for a whole weekend.

View the official Website

Clip Proudly Made & Directed by Greg & Andy From Musos Corner (
Ukulele Rocky Theme by John McMullen

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