Sunday, August 29, 2010

Social Media Training For Local Business

It was recently my pleasure to run a small workshop for small business as a 'hands-on' introduction to social media, hosted by Wayne Lennan Financial Services in Hunter Street. Commendable and it would be good to see other businesses taking an interest in bringing new ideas to their own network.

As I hold these workshops it becomes apparent that while there is a mile of information available online and free platforms to use, it takes more than that to get an understanding of how social media can work for business, and just How-To get started effectively.

From a business coaching point of view, I see social media as being a game-changer for small business, as it offers them the key to break out of being captive to the business that happens to walk past their door when they are open.  The internet opens the potential to spread word of a business and find new customers well outside the usual suspects.

Exciting times for those businesses with owners willing to embrace new ways of working, and getting serious about presenting a world class face to their customers.

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