Monday, May 17, 2010

Merchant Circle In Australia Great News For Newcastle Business

Local Business Needs To Be Visible

Social networking is the big flavour of the day, but the basic structure of social media is essentially the same as it was when the ladies would chat over the back fence while they put their washing on the clothesline.

So the entry of Merchant Circle into the Australian market deals a blow to all the directory sites that we've had up until now. They have really not been trying, and now there is a reason for them to get their offer up to date and offer up some competition.

Let's see the locals pick up the gossip about your business, where the customers hang out. Now it isn't just the back fence where we chat and compare notes. It is also on Facebook, and Twitter and through searching for products online and looking for a local merchant to provide the goods.

Here in Newcastle and the Hunter, this makes for a very exciting turn of events, as my experience with Merchant Circle in the USA gives us a quick start to getting off the ground here in Oz. If you'd like to add your business or you'd like help getting started let me know and I'll be happy to lend you a hand.

Make sure your business is there for us to spread the word for you.

~ Lindy

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