Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gen Y Weddings. Gen Y Celebrant.

Have you noticed the growing trend for people to become marriage celebrants in the last few years? This struck me as being a tad counter-intuitive that the wedding industry should be booming, even as getting married becomes entirely optional in our culture now.

Kez Tippett is a regular from our Friday morning Twitter coffee club (#newcastlecoffee) and is a great example of the new-style marriage celebrant. Kez is much different than the image that might come to mind when you first think ‘marriage celebrant’. While the great majority of marriage celebrants are in their later years, and performing a few weddings a year, Kez is in great demand and it’s no wonder the young brides want her there to help them design the day they will remember well forever. Gen Y brides can be pleased to know they can find someone that they relate to and who understands them and is all about making this day about something that is completely a fit for their personality and taste, and allows them to have a moment that is authentic and true to the nature of the couple. Stuffy old boring ‘going-through-the-motions’ services are out!

Kez came to her new business, by way of her own search for a suitable person to officiate at her wedding. Her experience showed her how difficult it was to find someone who was under 60, was interested in listening to what she wanted for her special day, and was in tune with her personality at all. Her intuition proved correct and she is now in hot demand for her special services.

Some choices that are popular for weddings that she is involved with, are couples looking for short services, in a style that suits theirs, whether that be less conventional or traditional. Ceremonies that Kez officiates are tailored for the couple from scratch so they are satisfied with the day, and written sensitively using phrases and in words that are meaningful for those involved.

Readings to the couple from someone special are popular, and there are planning issues that need to be taken into account, so that the service style is a match for the location and transport, and that the whole production is able to proceed smoothly and according to the wishes of the couple.

It is plain to see how passionate Kez is about her work and how much she loves working with her couples. The attention to detail, comprehensive approach to the function and style for each couple that goes into designing a service that is a perfect match, is evident and a source of pride.

Couples spend an amazing amount of money on weddings and at the end of the day, the things that remain are the commitments they made, the memories they retain and if they are lucky, a special photo or two that shows the couple as they really were, and which captured the essence of that special moment in time.

It’s pleasing to know that young couples can have that moment produced personally for them and reflecting their essence as they look back and see what great choices they made... in everything.

You can find Kez at Wed By Kez on Facebook

Young Marriage Celebrant Newcastle, Hunter, Central Coast

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